At the cutting edges of research

Advanced research and technology

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we have a long-standing tradition of excellence in innovation. Many of the materials and processes in use today throughout the industry began in our world-class Product Discovery Labs™. The focus of these labs is singular: research and develop next-generation surface coating technologies that solve the performance problems you face today and tomorrow.
No matter what problem you need solved, our team of experienced engineers has either seen it before or has the building blocks to quickly create an answer. We’ve coated
parts that work at the bottom of the ocean and parts that travel to the moon, from super-cool temperatures in liquid hydrogen to the extreme heat of jet engine combusters.
Our Product Discovery Labs are committed to finding the right answer to your problem—an answer that looks at the intricacies of how a part will be used, environmental conditions, and how the part is failing today. Is the issue with corrosion? Wear? Most likely, it’s a combination of issues. That’s why we don’t try to force a standard solution. We look at the application parameters and customize an answer that uniquely solves your performance problem.